Dear Community Members:

As you may have seen or heard in the media over the
past 36 hours, the Guillermo Morales/ Assata Shakur
Community and Student Center at City College is under
attack. The Center was the product of struggle, waged
by many people of African and Latino heritage who
chose to name it after Guillermo Morales and Assata
Shakur. The contributions of these activists to the
fight for social justice is recognized through the
Center's name and their standing in the broader

We are aware of the experience these individuals had
with the criminal
justice system. It is crucial to state that Assata
Shakur, whose reputation is currently being spun by
the Daily News and other media
outlets, was wrongfully convicted of killing a NJ
State Trooper
according to irrefutable physical evidence. We believe
in her innocence, and choose to continue honoring her
commitment to the struggle for racial justice by
defending the center's name for the last 17 years.

We need the community's support in asserting our right
to name the
Center after Assata Shakur and to resist any attempt
to undermine that
right At the meeting, community members can expect an
introduction to the Center's work over the years and
thorough explanation of the
current persecution.

We hope for a discussion of how we can collaborate and
assure our
mutual goals. Ultimately, we wish to open up City
College to the
community using the Morales/Shakur Center as a bridge.

Friday December 15 7:30pm
Morales/Shakur Community & Student Center
City College
North Academic Center (NAC) 3/201
(212) 650-5008
train: A,B,C,D to 145 st. walk down Convent; 1 to 137
st. walk up hill
to Amsterdam
bus: M100, M101 to 137; M4, M5 to 137, walk up to

Looking forward to a constructive dialogue
Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Community Center
Students for Educational Rights (SER)
Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM!)

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