There must be hundreds, if not thousands of anti-bush bloggers… why can’t we all work together? Anti-war patriots need to stop following cointelpro ‘leaders’ and start organizing our own actions.
Wouldn’t it be cool if every one of them put up a “March on DC to Impeach” banner. Haven’t you had enough of the Saturday afternoon protests that go nowhere? Who organizes a march when Congress isn’t even in town?
And this time, we’ll have none of that Nixon waving goodbye bullshit, we demand an open hearing, with Bush & co testifying under oath, in public- cross examined by Congress and members of the public. We demand the truth, and this time, we’re staying until the crooks and liars and are held accountable!
I’m just one person, would you please consider emailing a few anti-bush sites and asking them if they’ll post a banner too? Got better graphic arts skills than me, by all means make another and offer it up (- ;

What would MLK do if he were alive today? What about John Lennon? Funny how they were shot, and now we have a bunch of posers in their place, leading another Saturday march to nowhere.

Beirut has music blasting thru the walls of the Presidential Palace- why can’t we do that?
We could have a Woodstock 2007: Impeach for World Peace Concert in DC- with a whole range of peace artists from rap to country to rock. Can anyone out there contact: Eddie Vedder, Willie Nelson, Chuck D, Dixie Chicks, Green Day, Billy Bragg, Immortal Technique, John Mellencamp, Merle Haggard, Ani Difranco, Paris, Jynkz, et al….

It is time for an open-ended march on DC,
if not now, when?