muxe's poster

muxe's poster

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come see this film tonight if you are free.
it will be worth your while.

Muxe's (105min, 2005, Mexico, Alejandra
Islas, Spanish with English subtitles)

This film is a portrait of members of an
indigenous Mexican trans and gay
community that seeks to defend their
diversity and preserve their identity as
Zapotec Indians. The documentary also
exposes the unique inner-workings of
Juchitan, a small town on the outskirts
of Oaxaca, Mexico, which appears
untouched by patriarchal and
heteronormative ideals, where women run
the economy and homosexuality is widely

thursday, 8pm, 12.14.06

TIMES-UP! space, 49 E. Houston st.
(between Mott/ Mulberry)

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