GWB invaded Iraq and used extreme amount of violence for political change. Killed thousands of Iraqis and US soldiers.

Truman dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan, should we re-name anything with his name?

Many of the founding founders owned slaves and used them like property and kept them in bondage by force, should we re-name anything with their name, better yet, lets take their faces off the currency.

Columbus to part in the genocide of Native Americans and used violence to get his way, why don't we re-name Columbus day since we are all becoming pacifist and hate anyone who even dares to kill anyone for political reasons.

Lets also not forget the slavery, people who were assassinated during the civil rights movement and during the black power movement.

This is just crazy.

See, you racist bigots and the media, hate resistance from the oppressed and what a world where the oppressor can do anything ie Lebanon has no right to kidnap Israeli soldiers yet Israel has in many cases kidnapped Lebanese civilians which is worst off crime under international laws, is that to say Israel should be invaded and haves its people killed and its infrastructures destroyed? no one in the media is calling for that, but off course is a okay for Israel to invade Lebanon and kill people in Palestine.

It is rather funny you see, the criminals of the state want to get rid of crime, the America terrorist want to get rid of terrorism, is like for a child molester like Foley who wanted to protect the children of this country. The hypocrisy you see is plain to see. It is just ideology to cover what they real are - racist bigots who want to keep oppressed people oppressed.