Brazil: Invocation to the democratic forces of the world-wide society.

In support to Brazilian people and to president Luís Inácio Lula Da Silva, for the correct implementation of the Annual Brazilian Budgetary Law !

If you work so that the law, the right and the constitution guarantee the control of the society on the economy, the culture, the environment and the life.

If you fight so that the legislative, the judiciary and the executive are not dominated by the financiation of electoral campaign nor by the power of the great coorporations and yes for the vote of the citizenship.
If you dream of space in the medias for the manifestation of the opinions of all the sectors.

Do support Brazilian people, our president Luís Inácio Lula Da Silva, the National Congress and Brazilian Judiciary in our fight so that the national budget pass to be applied in headings foreseen in the law and not deviated to guarantee the delirious enrichment of bankers and moneylenders in damage of the most sacred interests of the nation.

Less then a month of the end of the year, the x-ray of the budgetary execution of the government shows that the Budget of the Union continues being a fiction piece. Of the 341 programs the budgetary expenditures is divided, 102 have execution inferior to 30%. The average of expenses in relation to the calculated one is of 76,9% - even so already we have passed 94.5% of the days of the year.

An example are the programs of basic sanitation, that have very small percentage of execution: 2.5% to 18.7% of the foreseen one. Of the R$ 1.1 billion reserved in the Budget of 2006 for urban services of water and sewer, only R$ 126 million had been paid so far. The program Support to the Urban Development of Small Cities is another one that practically is paralyzed: of the R$. 869 million, only 0.1% had been executed .

Do you want to know why? In 2006, 490 billion Reals (U.S.$,00) had been destined to the remuneration of the presumpted financing of the Brazilian state, as it's been happenning for years in function of lamentable initiatives of satanic Mr. FHC. They had been more than 205 billion Reals in interests and amortizations of the internal debt and more than 295 billion in the refinancing of the same one, headings where “are hidden” the operations of "taking money" next to the “private initiative”. The same source, the system of information of Brazilian Senate, registers total payments of the order of 651 billion Reals, for a collection around the 330 billion, until October, according to Secretariat of the Federal Resources.

The Brazilian state collects a lot with tributes and also with aberrations as the CPMF and absolutely it does not need to take loaned money of bankers and moneylenders as it's been doing and much less still to repay them back at very short term and with the highest interests strangely defined by the proper government through the COPOM.
Hundreds of billions of Reals had been emitted since FHC, in order to guarantee the remuneration of bankers and moneylenders, every time there was no money. To emit for development, however, is forbidden therefore supposedly would generate inflation.

It is not exclusively where, however, that bankers and moneylenders gain lots of easy money: former ministers of the STF had held back since the year 2000 the judgment of unconstitutionality of the MP, always of Mr. FHC, that opposing the Law of Usury and the Constitution, authorizeed the collection of interests on interests in consumer financings, that is poor/worker.

The Brazilians, the civilization and the international respect thank you for your friendly words and actions of support and solidarity.

Antonio Bulhões Carvalho,

Brazilian Citizens for a Democratic Society.