This episode is work safe.

Interview with H. Geoffrey Withers, Principal Secretary of Sealand.

We discuss the history of the Principality of Sealand; Prince Roy's previous business ventures; the invasion of Sealand and the kidnapping Prince Roy's son Michael and the recapturing of the island; how Withers came to Sealand; a tour of Sealand's fascilities; Sealand's current population; travel; how HavenCo and Sealand Web began; the data storage services HavenCo offers; Sealand laws; dealing with spam, child pornography and those who would exploit "backdoors"/security; how 9/11 has effected U.S. relations with Sealand; how to become a Sealand lord, lady, baron or baroness; the priviledges of the titles endow; the recent fire at Sealand; what he considers the biggest threat to the free exchange on infromation in the online world.
Featured song is "I Thought" by Kaleo Futuristo.


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