Autumn 2006 EU temperatures would occur less than once every 10,000 years (assuming that the climate is not changing & for a large part of Europe.)

The warmest years on record are 1990 & 1999, at 10.63 deg C. This year it will be 10.84 deg C (extrapolated, with two weeks left in the year.)

2006 was the warmest autumn on record in:
the United Kingdom (with the records in Central England going back ... to 1659)
the Netherlands (back... to 1706)
Denmark ( 1768)
Germany and
Also in most of:
southern Sweden,
southern Norway and
parts of Ireland

The top 10 warmest years have all occurred in the last 12 years - this is based on a record that stretches back to 1850 (and it would have been warmer but for a cool start due to La Nina.)

Professor Phil Jones, of UEA's Climatic Research Unit, said: "This year sees the highest average temperature recorded since the Central England Temperature series began in 1659, and the rise above the average is significantly higher than that for the two hottest years we have experienced."

Central England Temperature Series has set a succession of record temperatues. Not only have individual months set new records, but more importantly, new records have been set for extended periods:
* warmest month on record set this July, with a mean temperature of 19.7 deg C
* warmest ever September (16.8 deg C)
* warmest ever April to October having a mean temperature of 14.6 deg C
* warmest ever autumn with a mean temperature of 12.6 deg C


Only about 30 per cent of the seasonal average of snow has fallen so far this winter in the Alps. Temperatures in Nov-early Dec were some 10ºC above the norm. Alpine temperatures were their highest in 1,300 years.