Freeper Fan Mail

Freeper Fan Mail

…and from CBS News:

"Assistant U.S. Attorney Donald Gaffney requested no bail, saying Castagana was a flight risk and because of "his mental health state." Outside court, Gaffney said he could not discuss Castagana's mental state."

1.) Odd. I don’t recall a criminal Prosecutor asserting that a defendant is mentally disturbed before. Wouldn’t “insanity” be an argument for Defense?

2.) While I’d agree that Mr. Castagana is probably mentally ill, I can’t believe that this makes him a flight risk. Quite the contrary. Where would a 39-year old man who is still dependent on Mom and Dad possibly go? I doubt that he’d survive much further from his driveway, let alone in Canada and Mexico. (Imagine that!)

3.) He’s not a flight risk, but rather a publicity risk.

4.) The Castagana case does not serve the interests of the Dubya Administration, as it cannot be exploited for its foreign policy objectives. Rather, it distracts and dilutes the public focus intended for "Islamic" terror.

5.) It casts light on some of the demography, tactics and psychological makeup of the Bushling’s base, the foot-soldiers in the heroic “battle of ideas”.

6.) Will the Department of Justice tape-record attorney/client conversations between Mr. Castagana and his attorney, Alicia Blanco?

7.) And again, where the hell is the mug shot?

I really wish that Keith Olbermann would address these points.