By Lloyd Hart

More troops in Iraq can only and will only lead to the mass genocide of innocent men, women and children. For the simple fact is - the only way to secure Iraq will be to repeat what the U.S. military did to Faluja in every town in Anbar province which lead to uprisings in Baghdad and the socalle Sunni triangle and Mosul in the north and Sadr city in eastern Baghdad which will then lead to uprisings Shiite areas all throughout southern Iraq. In other words the U.S. must commit genocide much the same way the British did with America backing in 1922. Which of course will be covered up by the corporate media and the Democrats and Republicans alike. After all, was it and is it not the Democrats who've been arguing incompetence on the part of the White House and Donald Rumsfeld as the reason the war in Iraq has gone a foul and is it not Democrats who are now arguing for more troops.

By arguing incompetence the Democratic Party has placed itself in the position posing itself as the organization that could have fought the war properly and brought victory home to America. Yes, there are those inside the Democratic Party albeit a minority of elected representatives that have argued for immediate withdrawal. The overall absurdity however, of the picture the Democratic Party has painted - is that George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld are completely incompetent in the theater of war and are more completely incompetent in the overall war on terror rather than argue the reality that George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld along with the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon are involved a conspiracy decades long called the Iraqi project which has led to mass genocide.

Instead of dealing directly with American imperialism and the ambitions that imperialism has for control of the global economy - in a time of total global environmental catastrophe - through control of the world's number one supply of light sweet crude (which domestically, America is almost completely out of) over which America has placed its fat, imperial, pimpled, hemorrhoidal ass in the form of America's number one serial killer the U.S. military - the Democratic Party must now show - with control of Senate and House committee chairmanships in hand - how they are going pull victory out of their collective pimpled asses and most importantly save America's face while at the same time "Redeploy" U.S troops from already existing permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq while a crazy right wing zionist in the form of senator Joseph Lieberman holds the balance of power in the senate.

Good fucking luck Democrats.

I have to tell ya, liberal progressives have turned out to be - over and over again - the biggest political suckers in American political history.

The last time Britain and the United States of America found itself having to violently put down - that is commit mass genocide against an Arab uprising in Iraq which from the outset was designed to expel the infidel from all Arab lands in the provinces of Mosul, Baghdad and Basra was in 1922 after the British invaded Iraq in 1914 at the urging of the Persian/Anglo oil company. The uprising proved to be so difficult to deal with that the British began resorting to the leveling of entire villages with aerial bombardment and shooting anything that moved afterwards. Sound familiar? However, after that failed to put down the uprising Winston Churchill who was the head of the British admiralty at the time wrote and signed an order whose language was tinged with racism - authorizing the use of chemical weapons against entire Arab villages (Banking On Baghdad - Edwin Black).

Eventually, the British were able to kill enough Arabs in Iraq that the Arabs said uncle and the British, Americans, Dutch and French were able to divide up the region's oil supply and not least of all Iraq's amongst themselves into what was then called Turkish Oil Company that later in 1954 was renamed the British Petroleum Company. Or also known as "BP" which in their new line of bullshit invented by a Madison avenue ad executive means "Beyond Petroleum" but only after Iraq is drained.

Yup. Middle Eastern oil exploitation by the psychologically murderous Western powers cruised along happy happy for decades until of course the British and American military industrial complexes realized that in order to maintain control over a global oil supply in the face of total global ecological collapse they would have to place themselves in a position of not only financial control but actual physical control of the all Middle Eastern oil supplies by strategically placing themselves armed to the teeth in middle of them all - in Iraq. That's when the campaign to weaken Iraq and get it ready for total invasion was hatched in the minds of psychotic Americans who just happened to control of the White House at the time.

First, the Reagan administration and Pentagon got Saddam Hussein and Iraq a U.S. client state to fight a proxy war against Iran in which the U.S. and the British supplied weapons illegally to both sides of the war betting on weakening both nations. Approximately 3 million people died in that war. When however, it looked as though Iran was about to take the marshes in the south of Iraq which could lead to the fall of all of Basra allowing Iran to capture the Rammadi oil fields the Pentagon quickly swooped in and supplied Iraq with a nerve agent called Taubane (NY Times 1989) which was quickly sprayed on the Iranian troops in marshes and a simultaneous aKurdish offensive against Iraq on Iran's behalf in the North.

It was not until president George H. W. Bush suckered Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait by giving Saddam a diplomatic greenlight to invade Kuwait by continually answering Saddam Hussein's repeated direct questions to president George H. W. Bush prior to the invasion of Kuwait "What is the opinion of the U.S. if Iraq were to invade Kuwait?" or thereabouts. President H. W. Bush had the ambassador to Iraq, a Mrs. Gillespie deliver his answers to Saddam Hussein personally which were that "The U.S. has no opinion on that matter". However, as soon as Iraq invaded Kuwait President H. W. Bush all of a sudden had an opinion. Saddam Hussein is only "comparable to Hitler" or thereabouts were uttered from between the tight Waspy lips of George H. W. Bush (Exposed by Senate foreign relations committee hearings 1990 chaired by Senator John Kerry).

So in 1990 the western powers led by the United States adventured off into Iraq and the Middle East oil borsage. Systematically destroying the modern civilization the Bath Party had built in Iraq and leaving Iraq completely dominated by the U.S. in total abject poverty under draconian sanctions the U.S. bullied the U.N. to get that killed a million and a half people in Iraq of which 500,000 were children. The only time President Clinton showed any pause whatsoever in continuing the draconian UN sanctions was when reports of the child mortality situation in Iraq surfaced, first in the Arab press, then in the European press and then a small rarticle in the New York Times. That's when the UN oil for food program began and of course that then to also became criminally strangled by corrupt American and European oil executives.

As far as I can see, the level of respect for Arab life has not increased one iota since the first British inspired oil war invasion of Iraq in 1914 when the British admiralty was well on its way to adding 10 knots of hull speed to the British navy by converting the entire fleet from coal fired steam engines to fuel oil systems. In 1914 the one thing the British did not have before the invasion of Iraq was a ready supply of fuel oil. In fact, America was selling Britain almost all of its fuel oil at the time. The great irony however is that it is now America that needs to be in control of Iraq's as well as the entire Middle Eastern Region's oil supply (now that America is running out of oil domestically) in order to maintain its position as top dog on the planet and lead manager of the global sweatshop.

The U.S. hatched Iraq Project has resulted in the deaths of millions of people as well as the ruining of the lives of millions more. Can someone tell me when the Democrats and in particular so-called liberal progressives are going to succeed at fulfilling the will of the American people by finally ending the Iraq Project and instead of attempting to save Americas face and finally face the terrible shame of the genocide America and Americans have perpetrated on the Arab people in Iraq.

Hah! Good Fucking Luck Amercans.

Happy fuckin Christmas Amerca

Lloyd Hart
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