“I'm not afraid to say I'm at war with the pigs.”

-Fred Hampton, Black Panther executed along with Mark Clark by the State

The Death Toll and Prevention

The killing of Sean Bell could have been prevented. His two daughters could have been with their father this Christmas. Laughing, playing, cuddling. Their mom Nicole could have held her husband and not just a ring and a last name.

Timothy Stansbury could be with us still. Patrick Dorismond. Gidone Busch. The list could go on and on.

If only we had taken action with the appropriate strength when Amadou was murdered and his killers set free. Those 41 shots should have been our spark to go beyond symbolic protest. Protest for real change- a power shift- not just a new racist commissioner and more racist community affairs officers.

We must not make the same mistake again. We have to say no more killings - and mean it.

The Appropriateness of Civil Unrest in the Right Circumstances

There is no doubt that civil unrest is a mighty and dangerous force to be unleashed only with the greatest care. But when possible and strategically appropriate, it's a tool that must not be overlooked. Civil unrest can win real concessions from the powers that be, develop militants for a long-term struggle, and illustrate the possibility of contesting power outside of the established cage.

If those who mowed down our brother with 50 shots are either not indicted or not convicted, we will know conclusively that the killing will continue. Therefore should a day came where the DA announces no indictment or a court announces no conviction, the time for symbolic protest has gone and the time for civil unrest has come.

The Guidelines for the Unrest

The venue must be somewhere in Capitalism's heart- Midtown Manhattan. Not in the neighborhoods where we live.

The targets must be strictly corporate and governmental. No Reginald Denny. Black-Latino-Arab-White-Native American-Asian: we all face oppression in the capitalist imperialist state.

We cannot let the liberals browbeat us into an early conclusion. We decide when we stop.

The Costs are Worth It

There are those who will worry about alienating the "mainstream". The "mainstream" has not been able to secure our safety and the safety of our families. Their interests are at bottom aligned with privilege. We have to reject the spectacle and take real action.

The greatest concern is the assured repression from the State against the unrest. I say to you, better we face the repression together, struggling on the street, than in the dark of the night alone or with two friends.


To safeguard ourselves and our family, the most appropriate response to the Sean Bell assassination is civil unrest. Through such action, participants will be radicalized for long-term struggle, significant concessions will be won, and the possibility for revolution down the road will be illustrated.

Upon the announcement of no indictment or no conviction, into the streets.