I recall with a lesser degree of incredulity the 'face on Mars' debate and various other social hysterias. Do people actually believe the madmen running the USA today? The statement that Rumsfeld, the most divorced from reality and incompetent Defence Secretary in history, has performed meritoriously is nothing short of an expression complete psychosis, yet the present pathologically marred and incompetent compliment of State officials, Rice, Cheney, Bush and all their advisers remain in Washington. The mad hatter’s tea party had nothing on this administration! The fact remains that the present U.S. administration has done absolutely NOTHING RIGHT, but please confirm it for yourselves by attempting to recall just one instance/example of a positive contribution!

Condoleezza (war whore) Rice, recently addressed a press gallery and completed her remarks with the unqualified phrase, the “way forward”; historians and analysts recall a previous unqualified (meaningless) statement from the USA at war, “light at the end of the tunnel”; that mindless metaphor resulted in approximately fifty thousand American deaths and over 1.5 million Vietnamese deaths in the Indo-Chinese war. America has failed to learn lessons from the recent past, principally that invading other nations is a losing proposition and that unqualified remarks are extremely dangerous!

In spite of history, we are now offered another meaningless metaphor to count our dead by, Condi Rice’s “way forward”! The United States has had over three years to demonstrate its “way forward” to the world; the tragic REALITY, however, is a total nightmare. It would be a waste of time to draw the attention of those in pathological denial to the reality in their face – Americans traditionally are very hard learners.

Needless to say, accepting unqualified meaningless statements from insane politicians always leads to ruin; never forget that everything is questionable, especially the asinine statements that issue from the mouths of our leaders.

The reader would note that the most popular statement of U.S. politicians today is, “without question”, whether it is an expression of wishful thinking or a disguised ruse the FACT remains, EVERYTHING IS QUESTIONABLE (lest we be led astray).


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