Chavez creates the United Socialist Party{9C64689F-11C3-4BEC-9F71-76C2691B0FBE}&language=EN

Caracas, Dec 16 (Prensa Latina) The creation of a united organization of the revolution, the construction of socialism and constitutional changes stand as key points of the Venezuelan political agenda from 2007.
In his most recent speech on those issues, President of the Republic Hugo Chavez announced the creation of the Venezuelan United Socialist Party "because that is what the revolution requires" and called on his followers to support that idea.
"Socialism constitutes the central axis within such a wide spectrum of challenges," the dignitary said.
Chavez called for those organizations supporting him to give up individual colors and acronyms because what the revolution really needs is a united party instead of an alphabet soup, he stressed.
Similarly, he called to maintain the battalions and squad structures of the Miranda Command created in the context of December 3 elections as the base of the Socialist United Party.
In relation to the constitutional changes, the president stated that the reforms should entail the call for a Constituent Assembly.
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