i'll keep this one short, and i won't name names. maybe later on i will.

but what the hell is going on with the so-called activist community if they don't have a clue about global warming?

for example (ok, i'm naming names): amnesty international is a fantastic human rights organization. i've never made a donation or any communication to them other than online, yet i suddenly receive their year-end reports and requests for further donations via snail mail in my PO box. and we're not talking a one-pager stuffed into an envelope by some intern, hell no. i mean four-color slicks that need special-order envelopes to fit in.

i'm not singling out AI -- they're just one of many. even greenpeace does it, and they're an environmental org. because i support the causes i believe in, i tend to get a lot of this kind of mail. but when i get the same request via email and high-gloss, high-impact snail mail, i just get angry.

most of my mail comes to my PO box, that's how it is for many -- if not most -- writers. i don't even wait to get it home to sort it. if i go to the PO once a week, there is a minimum - a MINIMUM - of three or four POUNDS of mail for me to sort through. and 90% of it is junk that doesn't even make it out the front door.

some of the junk comes from retailers that i like. LL Bean, for example, or Land's End. they may not be ben&jerry's, but they make good quality stuff (mostly in the USA) and don't have a lot of BS hype to go with it. but why do i need 15 land's end catalogs a year when i NEVER order anything from the catalog, but only online?

and now i get to the root of the matter: goddam xmas cards. PLEASE do not send me a holiday card! PLEASE do not waste gold foil and creamy card stock to tell me how valued i am. and if you are a personal friend, send me an email, please do NOT, EVER, send me a holiday card. i can barely tolerate birthday cards, but anonymous holiday cards make my blood boil. opening them, all i can see is landfill, smog, clogged raingutters.

people, i'm not being picky. i wish i had the luxury of pickiness. the world is at stake here, and we have to do EVERYTHING we can because our present government isn't doing anything at all.

do NOT send holiday cards. DO recycle.

do NOT subscribe to catalogs. DO shop online.

do NOT leave your TV on when you're not in the room, even if you like having it for "company".

for more do's and don'ts, please DO visit www.energycrisis.com. and take the time to sit through al gore's video, "an inconvenient truth".

many of our current truths are quite inconvenient. but we ignore them at our own risk, and at the risk of the next generation.

social security is the least of our problems. if there's no livable planet, it won't matter whether or not you've got a retirement plan.