The UGT member who had been attacked was taken to the emergency department at Santiago Hospital to be treated for his injuries. He suffered head and knee contusions. He was then taken to the police to give a statement. Towards the end of the afternoon the two UGT members were able to get in touch with Eloy Pedro de Ojos Lorenzo, who is in charge of security for the UGT in the Basque Country. He informed the two trade unionists that he was in a meeting with the head of security for Vinsa, and informed them that José Viñas would be immediately banned from all activity at the UGT headquarters in order to satisfy the demands of all union members. He confirmed that it had taken the state security forces weeks to find out whether Viñas was a member of a fascist gang. Once they had irrefutable proof of this they took the measures against him that everyone had hoped would have been taken earlier.

The two members who were attacked have called attention to the fact that the UGT branches have neglected them and their problems. The representatives of the regional union and the local branch, far from supporting their members who had been attacked, unbelievably supported their attacker. The two members who were attacked have now announced their intention to file a complaint with the union for failing in their responsibilities of protecting the personal safety of UGT members at their local offices.
The second attack took place today (December 13) at 10:00am at the offices of the Frederick Engels Foundation, where for the sixth time in a row since September, a fascist has violently entered the premises, throwing posters around and Later two members of the Foundation and of the Students' Union, present at the time of the attack, were threatened when they called the police on their mobile to explain the situation and identify the aggressor. The extremely violent attitude of this individual forced them to seek refuge in a local bar until the police arrived to take a statement.
It is important to point out that the former UGT security guard, José Viñas, arrived along with others to protect the fascist attacker, which confirms for the nth time the existence of a Nazi cell in the city, which is well-known to left-wing activists who have been threatened and attacked several times and is well-known to the police.
Before a much more serious attacks happens, which is clearly possible, the organisations that form the Anti-Fascist Platform of Vitoria-Gasteiz, have asked the Department of the Interior of the Basque Government to intervene directly. The local government of Álava has also been asked to disband this fascist gang which is attempting to intimidate progressive and left-wing organisations in our city. These governments will be held responsible, if they neglect their duties, for any consequences of this wave of fascist attacks.
Finally, we call upon all workers and youth in Vitoria-Gasteiz to take part in the rally against fascism on December 14 at 7:00pm at C/San Antonio in front of the premises where one of the attacks occurred.
Below we are providing a model letter in Spanish that runs through the recent events and demanding that action be taken to stop the fascist gangs from acting with impunity.