ARTICLESCommunity Calendar (December 13- January 10)By Indy Staff
Posted in Community Calendar FRI DEC 15 5:30-7:30pm HOLIDAY POTLUCK FOR ANTI-RACIST AND SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVISTS: Bring a friend, colleague, something to eat or drink, a poem, a story, a memory, a picture, etc. Come enjoy an evening of cultural sharing. Sponsored by the AntiRacist Alliance at Community Church of NY, Community House Gallery. Info: 28 E 35th St. 718-918-2716 read more »
RevBilly NYPD’s Parade Charade: New Rules Make it Tougher to Legally AssembleBy Chris Anderson
Posted in Local Although the NYPD withdrew an earlier assembly and parade proposal in August in the face of widespread public outrage, the new rules “are no more reasonable than the first,” and would limit funeral processions, impromptu bike rides of more than 30 people and city walking tours, according to Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside). read more »
Finally, a Rule We Can Get Behind!”: Testimony of Mitchel Cohen at NYPD Regs HearingBy Mitchel Cohen
Posted in Local I do have some questions, though: a) Funeral processions? What if there are 31 cars in the procession to the cemetery? Will the beloved corpse be detained? b) What is the length of time in which 30 people must pass through a subway turnstile before a permit can be required? c) What is the physical proximity in yardage needed to designate random passersby a “procession” and thus require a permit? What if they are all wearing the same political button? d) What if 30 people walk past a checkpoint and they are all smiling – do they require a permit? What if they are whistling, or all wearing the same t-shirt? read more »
Callendar The Tenant’s Voice: Indy Readers Fight BackBy Bennett Baumer
Posted in Local Once tenants have been evicted from a building, its value skyrockets. Developers are free to remodel apartments and jack up the rents. Phony demolitions are a bureaucratic backdoor to evicting tenants and raising rents. In the past, a demolition meant razing a building. Phony demolitions often leave roofs, walls and even entire floors intact. read more »
HIV Breaking the News: Prison HIV Counselors Face New ChallengesBy Clark Merrefield
Posted in Local On Nov. 7, 2006, the eleven HIV/AIDS counselors at Rikers were notified by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) that in a month specialized HIV/AIDS counseling at Rikers would become obsolete. The counselors were given two options: attend additional training, take on additional responsibilities besides counseling and do weekend work, or lose their jobs. read more »
Murder Cover-up in MexicoBy Chris Anderson
Posted in International Nearly two months after Brad Will was gunned down on the streets of Oaxaca City while chronicling a popular revolution against the State governor, and more than two weeks after that uprising suffered a brutal wave of repression, the investigation into the murder of the NYC Indymedia journalist appears to be hostage to internal Mexican politics. read more »
Oaxacabarricades Scores Jailed, Tortured in Repression of Oaxaca UprisingBy James Daria
Posted in International In 2006, grassroots and social movements carried out some of the most ambitious and creative acts of resistance in Mexican history. read more »
readytofight Ready To Fight. Underdogs Of Mexican Left Gather MomentumBy John Gibler
Posted in International On Dec. 1 one president – appointed by a stacked electoral tribunal – slipped into the Mexican Congress through the back door for a four-minute inauguration ceremony held on a dais occupied by the conservative National Action Party (PAN) and suited Secret Service agents, while a second president – self-appointed in a massive rally in Mexico City – led a tame protest march to a prepackaged stage and sound system waiting in front of the police barricade half a mile away from the march’s proclaimed destination. read more »
Blood diamond C Bloody Bling: Review of Blood Diamonds and The Empire In AfricaBy Vanessa Hradsky
Posted in Reviews Bood Diamond Directed by Edward Zwick, 2006 and The Empire In Africa Directed by Philippe Diaz read more »
starof One-way Trek In Palestine. A Review of The Scar Of DavidBy Eleanor J. Bader
Posted in Reviews The Scar Of David By Susan Abulhawa Journey Publications (2006) read more »
Everyday Liberation. A Review Of The Subversion Of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements And Decolonization Of Everyday LifeBy Matt Wasserman
Posted in Reviews The Subversion Of Politics: European Autonomous Social Movements And Decolonization Of Everyday Life By George Katsiaficas AK Press (2006, Rerelease) read more »
Left Can Still Bitch. Review of Strange In A Strange Land, Encounters In The Disunited States and BitchfestBy Bennett Baumer
Posted in Reviews Stranger In A Strange Land, Encounters In The Disunited States By Gary Younge The New Press (2006) and Bitchfest Edited by Lisa Jervis & Andi Zeisler Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2006) read more »
futureofprotest The Future of Protest: Review of Outlaws Of America: The Weather Underground And The Politics Of SolidarityBy Matt Wasserman
Posted in Reviews Outlaws Of America: The Weather Underground And The Politics Of Solidarity By Dan Berger AK Press (2006) read more »
mel Gibson’s Barbarism: Review of ApocalyptoBy Charlie Bass
Posted in Reviews Apocalypto Directed by Mel Gibson, 2006 read more »
The Art of Destruction: Review of World War 3 Illustrated:Unnatural DisastersBy Hueso Taveras
Posted in Reviews World War 3 Illustrated Unnatural Disasters (2006) In Unnatural Disasters, comic writers dissect and analyze the pressing theme of a world overrun with environmental catastrophes rooted in business dealings and government policies. The 19 stories offer a varied catalogue of belligerent and systematic destruction including the U.S. military’s use of depleted uranium in the Middle East, the eradication of coral reefs by dumping toxic waste and the rapidly declining numbers of India’s vultures. Most of the content addresses the growing threat of global warming and its base in our addiction to oil. read more »
suicidedriver Landscape Of Horrors. The Obscenity Of Real WarBy A.K. Gupta
Posted in International We cheer the techno porn on innumerable televison shows that drool over our high-tech killing machines, but we don't want to see the results of a cruise missile or F-15 strike. read more »
DanielM Green Snare: McGowan PleadsBy IMC Staff
Posted in Local “I hope that you will see that my actions were not those of terrorist but of a concerned young person who was deeply troubled by the destruction of Oregon's beautiful old-growth forests and the dangers of genetically modified trees. After taking part in these two actions, I realized that burning things down did not fit with my visions or belief about how to create a better world. So I stopped committing these crimes… read more »
killzone Return From The Killing Fields. NYC Woman Confronts Her Brother’s Actions In IraqBy Leah Larson
Posted in Local Two days after he came home from Iraq, my older brother showed me some pictures. “I just bombed that building,” he said. In the photo, children in Fallujah are clustered beside their broken school. read more »
NYPD Story Full of HolesBy Mike Burke
Posted in Local As protests grew over Bell's death, police attempted to justify the shooting by claiming there was a fourth man who fled the car. In search of this mysterious man, police raided apartments in Queens and arrested several friends of Bell on charges unrelated to the shooting. As part of the dragnet, police arrested the son of Queens pastor Erskine Williams for not paying a $25 summons. Another friend of Bell's was arrested shortly after attending a protest against Bell's killing. read more »
Murders Time after Time: Call for Investigation into Police KillingsBy IMC Staff
Posted in Local New York City Councilmember Letitia James is calling for a special agency to be formed to investigate every police killing in the city. According to the October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, the police have killed 131 people since the shooting of Amadou Diallo in 1999. read more »
SeanBell The Fifty Shots Heard Around the CityBy Nicholas Powers
Posted in Local “If there are more murders,” he aimed the bullhorn at the cops, “We will kill you!” It was dangerous theater. Fear and excitement pulsed through us like a heartbeat. No one wanted to get beaten or arrested and no one wanted to seem weak. He pulled us back from the momentary dizziness. “But we are disciplined,” Shabazz assured the crowd. In the back, I sighed. read more »