The Last Days of The Indypendent?

We never cry wolf – we're too busy reporting on important issues, but if we don't raise $10,000 we will have to shut down.

It's that simple.

No more Indypendent, no more, no more training a new generation of muckraking journalists.

We have more excellent stories than we have pages on which to publish and more amazing photographs and art than we have ink to print – but printing a newspaper costs money.

We have a reputation for being fiercely independent, sticking it to corporate interests and the politicians that do their bidding. Our reporting has built strong credibility and allies in the social justice community, but this doesn't pay our printing bills, postage or rent.

What we need is a drop in the bucket compared to the million-dollar budgets of other alternative media.

Just $50 will cover our operating deficit for one day. That little. Many other projects need to raise thousands of dollars just to cover one day's deficit.

That's where you come in.

We need you to step up and support this one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable project right now.

Luckily, it has never been easier. We have been given matching funds, which means your money goes twice as far.

It has never been more important to support The Indypendent. Every little bit counts. We need donations of $10 a month or $25 or $50 a year. We don't have deep pockets to rely on, but as part of a broader movement we know that a small effort from everyone creates something bigger. Our readers are the #1 source of support for The Indypendent. We are a community paper for the global community, written by volunteers from around the world. We give a voice to the voiceless, help nurture aspiring journalists and give space to seasoned journalists to write what the corporate media won't print.

As New York's premier independent newspaper, we distribute to more than 500 spots and now reach more than 50,000 people every issue.

Every single dollar you contribute goes into printing and distributing The Indy. Every $100 we receive means 2,500 more issues hit the street and get into the hands of people looking for top-notch journalism about issues that matter. Please don't delay contributing. We need your support right now while there's still time.

Give today to make sure there's an Indypendent tomorrow.
Thank You,
The Volunteers of The Indypendent