Not too long ago, Sergey "the Snitch" Kadinsky -- the bigot whose letter to The Daily News touched off the faux-controversy over the Morales/Shakur Community and Student Center -- came by these parts (among other sites covering the controversy) and apparently tried to drop some linkspam for his shitty Xanga blog.

Doing some research, I've found Sergey Kadinsky has amassed quite a backlog of garbage under his online pseudonym, "Mazeartist". Stuff I am sure that he would not necessarily like attached to his name, since (of course) he is using a pseudonym.

I was attacked elsewhere on the blogosphere as an anti-Semite by right-wing friends of Sergey, for having criticized his advocacy on behalf of Zionism and Israeli apartheid. Again, this libelous claim against me is patently false; I am ethnically a descendant of Polish Jews who emigrated to New York around the turn of the 20th Century. I am fully opposed to anti-Semitism.

But perhaps they call me an anti-Semite because, unlike Sergey, I don't get all sanctimonious about my Jewish heritage or the anti-Semitism my grandparents faced. Or that I don't use some twisted pretzel logic to justify working with anti-Semites who happen to also be anti-Arab.

Which brings me to this: apparently Sergey is so warped so as to have become a member of the right-wing group ProtestWarrior. He is quoted in a Dallas Observer article (as "Sergio"). Choice quotation (from ):

>>Some [Protest Warriors] have come here because "it's our summer-camp trip," says Sergio Kadinsky, a 20-year-old Russian sporting a yarmulke. [. . .] Kadinsky became involved with the Warriors after being a pro-Zionist protester on the campus of City College of New York-Harlem. "They got Jews on the other side, too, of course," he says.>I was hanging with a an old buddy who came back from Iraq many months ago and who brought me to a place full of bigots and morons. This place has old Nazi items, like authentic WWII german helmuts and knives and pro-Nazi books in german, etc, etc.

>>They openly talk about Ayrian superiority and taking back the Nation from "liberals". I said I was a radical insane nutcase and didnt like being called a "liberal". They trust you better if you say you're "insane" and give you free beer. It's a machoismo thing, where men respect what they fear. And they always "fear" what they don't know. You can't know insanity. All of these people build on insanity. Beer helps.

>>Some of those people were organizers known as "Protest Warriors". To make a long story short, we debated about martial arts, war, then the anti-war movement in CUNY, and then "MazeArtist" came up! They knew him!!!

>>They all started laughing real loud at my accusation that Mazeartist was one of them. They instantly accused him of having sexual fantasies with conservative black men.

>>They called Sergey a useful "parasite". They told me the analogy of using "germs to kill germs". Meaning using Zionists (Sergey) to attack what they call "sand-nigger loving commies" (Me but I'm an Anarchist).

>>I actually found myself defending Sergey as a nice guy who is misguided.

>>In Sergey's face, they act friendly. But behind the kid's back, they see him as "dumb loyal mule" to their drunken plans.>The_Patriot: [The Civil War is t]he day liberty and the republic based upon the consent of the governed died.

>>Mazeartist: Did the slaves give their consent to secession?

>>The_Patriot: Why don't you ask all those northern slaves in Rhode Island and Delaware about it?

>>Mazeartist: Rhode Island ended slavery in 1774- before the Revolution. Nice try.

>>The_Patriot: Then explain why they had slaves still in 1860. Laughing Why was the state invited to join the Confederate States of America because they had slaves? Laughing

>>Mazeartist: are you trying to rewrite history again? This is not why I joined Protestwarrior. I joined PW to fight the Left, do what's Right. What do I find? A forum full of history revisionists. I'm sure you'd get laughed out of the classroom for your views....

It gets better (doesn't it always with Sergey?). For all his bluster about "historical revisionism" of the overtly, mouthbreathing white racist, Sergey is nothing if not a historical revisionist with regard to the Middle East -- and got into a flamewar with fellow Zionist PW's over the Gaza pullout.

You will recall the whole Israeli pullout from Gaza. It is an area that even right-wing and pro-settlement Zionists do not even claim is Israel. Of course, it took a shitload of "compensation" for the nutty (and armed) Israeli settlers to be move out of Gaza -- strange how settlers are "compensated" for land that they stole to begin with.

Sergey exemplifies the type of American Zionist who supported their fellow nutters abroad: absolutely convinced that the modern State of Israel is incomplete if it does not include the whole of Biblical Palestine ("Eretz Israel") -- meaning Israel should annex the East Bank of Jordan, South Lebanon, and the Sinai. Most Zionists don't even have this obsession with the Bible (rather, in the mold of Herzl, most Zionists subscribe to a "secular" but no-less-nutty idea that it's appropriate to expropriate land for "breathing room").

But persons of Sergey's ilk, however little support they garner in Israel, have been known to have the assistance of the American Right (whose motives for publicly moderating their usual anti-Semitism have to do with a combination of old fashioned wheeler-dealing and the Apocalyptic nuttiness of the Republican fundamentalist Christian base).

Without further ado, here is the exchange, dated from July 2005 (amid the pullout from the Gaza Strip):

>>Proud_Israeli: This disengagement will benefit Israel. [. . .] But don't accuse me of being an appeaser, I am no appeaser at all. The reason I support the disengagement is for purely political reasons that I believe will benefit Israel in the long-run, not because I think their methods make them deserve the land.

>>We are both Jews, we can have a non-insulting debate about this one day in the near future.

>>Mazeartist: [Y]ou support uprooting fellow Jews instead of expelling the real cause of the problem- the terrorists? [. . .] In the long run, a strong Jewish character, closely tied to Judaism and the land will save the country.

>>Proud_Israeli: I support the disengagement because I dont want to see these settlers, along with soldiers protecting, keep being killed because they arrogantly choose to live in hostile territory.

>>Mazeartist: It's not arrogant to stand your ground and defend your home. It's not the settlers' fault that soldiers are getting killed. Be a man, and realize that the terrorists, not the settlers are to blame! It may be easier and cheaper to expel settlers than terrorists, but it's not right.

>>Proud_Israeli: Trust me, I am a man. If I could see Hamas and all other terrorist groups have their members slaughtered I will be celebrating. But what is arrogant is to choose to live in the occupied territory, knowing you will be subject to attacks by Hamas, and force the IDF to defend you rather than countless others who chose less hostile locations.

>>Mazeartist: What you consider "occupied" others consider to be Eretz Israel. Who are we occupying anyway? All non-Jewish towns in Gaza have been under PA control since 1994. [. . .] Netanya has also been subjected to terrorist attacks, by your logic, we should withdraw from there, too.

[ed note: The area of Netanya includes sections annexed from 3 Palestinian villages that were ethnically cleansed with the 1948 Nakba.]

>>Israeli: It may or may not be where the real Palestine is, but it doesnt stop the fact that it is hostile territory. Thinking one can be deluxe and live there while getting Israeli 18 year olds to protect you is arrogant. [And n]o I dont mean reoccupy. It will be so small that a quick fly-by assassination will be allowed to kill any terrorist leader. We don't need tanks rolling in, but either way their strength will never be a match for our army. So what do you oppose? Keep having Israeli soldiers killed in the settlments over a long period of time, or save their lives until a likely but not definite need to invade Palestine, whose military will be nothing compared to the IDF?

There is an old quote about democracy being two wolves and a lamb debating what to eat that somehow applies to this whole disgusting rant among Zionists over who's the most eager to kill Palestinians. What slays me is that the two persons taking a halfway sane position (if it may be said that Zionism is anywhere close to sane) are the ones who actually have to live in Israel, while Sergey seems to parachute in to Israel on someone else's dime. Reminds one of how it was that the ultra-Zionist settler Baruch Goldstein (of Hebron Massacre infamy) was a product of the JDL and their racism -- in Brooklyn, NY.

In the end, I find myself in a bind: what is more disturbing? The thoughts expressed above? Or the idea that CCNY and the Daily News would be taken in by a person who subscribes to this nutty ideology?