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Left Turn #23

Left Turn #23

Mexican Struggles Today: Solidarity Across States and Borders
Left Turn Winter Forum

13 December 2006 at Brecht Forum NYC

Barucha Calamity Peller, Canek Peña-Vargas & René Rojas

Discussion about insurgent Mexico, coinciding with the release of Left Turn Magazine issue #23.

Politics north of the Rio Bravo in 2006 came in with vibrant grassroots mobilizations across the U.S.'s Mexican immigrant communities - while in Mexico, the Chiapas-based Zapatistas initiated the nationwide "Other Campaign." The July presidential election results were met with massive demonstrations against Calderon's electoral fraud by supporters of the left-leaning Obrador and as millions of people took to the streets.

The flashpoint in Mexico as the year closes is Oaxaca, where a teachers strike shut down business as usual, and broadly organized activists rebelled against the government's rule and formed their own Asamblea Popular while enduring stepped-up repression by the federal police.

Reports and commentary from our featured guests to get a better understanding of the historical context and current struggles in Oaxaca, Chiapas, Mexico City, and across Mexico and the U.S. And we will have a conversation about what this means for U.S. solidarity activism today, and the progress and possibilities of building alliances and movements at local, national, and international levels among these and other campaigns and struggles.

Presenters include:

Barucha Calamity Peller who has participated in anti-authoritarian collectives in Mexico for the past 4 years, and just returned from Oaxaca, Mexico. She will give a sideshow presentation on the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO), the life at the barricades, international solidarity and the brutal repression and assassinations at the hands of paramilitaries and police throughout last month and specifically on November 25th.

Canek Peña-Vargas, a member of Estacíon Libre ( and Visual Resistance ( Canek is currently working on translating and editing a series of Zapatista communiques due out in book form in 2007.

René Rojas is a first year sociology student at NYU, focusing on neoliberal regimes in Latin America and challenges from below from a political economy and class analysis perspective. Prior to returning to NYC, he spent years accompanying and documenting grass-roots struggles in Mexico, including the fight against plans to build an new international airport in Texcoco and Plan Puebla Panama.

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