Happy Winter Solstice

Friends of Brook Park and Casa Atabex Ache present:

Brook Park 3pm on..... Volunteer, work with the Earth...

Casa Atabex Sanctuary 630pm

Brook park again at 745pm or so

Winter Solstice celebration , Thursday December 21st starting at casa and
ending at Brook Park. Winter Solstice Celebration & Traditional Inipi Sweat.

Welcome to CASA Atabex Ache'--The House of Womyn's Power, Celebration of the
Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year! The Winter Solstice is a
special time of year celebrated by many cultures throughout the world. Many
countries' modern winter holiday traditions have their roots in ancient Winter
Solstice celebrations. Casa will like to honor and celebrate you, OUR
COMMUNITY, by offering you this moment of reflection.

2006 is almost over! It has been a long year, full of sadness, anger,
frustration, loss/death, change, hard choices, hard work, transformation,
llaughter, happiness, & love. We invite you to take a deep breath, breathe in the
winds of fall, and open up to the arms of mother as she prepares herself to
embrace us so we can sleep in her womb through the darkness of winter.

We invite you at 6:30pm, to Casa to take a moment, connect with yourself
& community A moment review the past year, being thankful for what we have
done and who we are. Take a moment to dream and create possibilities for the
winter season to fearlessly support you in nurturing the light within in the
mist of the darkness.
We will then go again to Brook Park to join those who stayed there.

The solstice is open to all from womyn of color to males, and white folks.
All are welcome to join us in taking a time to dream and creating
possibilities. You will also have an opportunity to see our space and experience Casa.
Suggested donation at Casa $10

*** Please bring water, towels, appropriate clothing
snack or dish to share. Bring flower, candles, jiuce etc. for the community
altar ***

Casa Atabex Ache is located at
471 East 140th Street, Basement Level
Between Brook and Willis Ave

Friends of Brook Park is located at
141st Street and Brook Avenue

if you have any question you can call Casa at 718-585-5540 or email toyin at