It's that time of year again! When thousands of trees are cut down and detained in apartments for a short spell and then cast out onto the streets as garbage. But there is a solution! Besides striving for a smaller live tree, hangina picture of a tree, or moving to the woods, the City has a good project, really! Once again we are proud to host, in collaboratiojn with the NYC Department of Parkls and Recreation and partnerships for Parls, MULCHFEST! Bring your tree, or hunt and gather the streets for the discarded evergreens and bring them to us! We will have fun and transform them into good use, as mulched woodchips!

MULCHFEST - Bring your holiday tree to a designated City Park to be recycled into mulch.

Bring your tree ANYDAY.

Especially: Saturday, January 6th & Sunday, January 7th
10am - 2pm
Please remove all lights and Ornaments

Chipping Sites*
Brook Park (Brook Ave & 141st)

Mulch available at these sites only. All other sites are drop off sites.

The 13th Annual Bronx Parks Speak Up
Saturday, February 24th
1pm - 5pm
more info to follow