Atlanta 7:00am Rally at Mexican Consulate (2600 Apple Valley Rd NE)

Boston 12:00pm Protest at Mexican Consulate (20 Park Plaza)

Houston 9:00am Protest at Mexican Consulate (4507 San Jacinto St.)

Los Angeles 9:00am March with FIOB-LA and APPO-LA (Corner of Pico & Fedora)

Miami 7:00am Protest at Mexican Consulate (5975 Sunset Dr, South)

New York City 4:30pm Rally at Mexican Consulate (27 East 39th. St.) and March to Rockefeller Plaza

Sacramento 3:00pm Demonstration at Mexican Consulate (1010 8th St.)

San Diego 11:00am Protest at Consulate and 5:00pm Political Cultural Festival

San Jose 7:00am Protest at Mexican Consulate (540 North First St.)

Seattle 1:00pm Demonstration at Mexican Consulate (2132 Third Ave)

Austin, TX, Demonstration on 11th Street at IH-35 (west intersection).
11:30 AM - 2 PM

-Ciudad de Oaxaca

-Vancouver, Canadá

-Barcelona, Catalunya

-Madrid, España

-Lille, Francia


-Montreal, Canadá

-Paris, Francia"

-Bremen, Alemania

-Berlin, Alemania

-Río de Janeiro, Brasil

-Grenoble, Francia

-Toulouse, France

-Bruselas, Bélgica

-Lisboa, Portugal

Agera i solidaritet med Oaxaca, 22 december



EZLN call for Global Mobilizations for Oaxaca

EZLN llama a Movilización Mundial para Oaxaca

Communiqué of the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee - General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. Mexico.

December 2 of 2006

To the people of Mexico:
To the people of the world:

Brothers and Sisters:

The attack that our brothers, the people of Oaxaca suffered and suffer cannot be ignored by those who fight for freedom, justice and democracy in all corners of the planet.

This is why, the EZLN calls on all honest people, in Mexico and the world, to initiate, starting now, continual actions of solidarity and support to the Oaxacan people, with the following demands:

For the living reappearance of the disappeared, for the freedom of the detained, for the exit of Ulises Ruiz and the federal forces from Oaxaca, for the punishment of those guilty of torture, rape and murder.

We call to those in this international campaign to tell, in all forms and in all places possible, what has occurred and what is occurring in Oaxaca, everyone in their way, time and place.

We call for these actions to come together in a worldwide mobilization for Oaxaca on December 22, 2006.

The people of Oaxaca are not alone. We have to say so and demonstrate it, to them and to everyone.


By the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee - General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. Mexico.

Insurgent Subcommander Marcos.
Mexico, December of 2006


Oaxaca solidarity:

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From the global indymedia story:

Eighth Megamarch: | APPO | Oaxaca Libre | New York IMC | El Enemigo Común

Since the Nov. 25 megamarch to demand the ouster of Ruiz and subsequent violence from police and paramilitaries, the state of Oaxaca is under de facto martial law. Human rights guarantees are null. A massive round-up of activists, arbitrary arrests and 300 arrest warrants have threatened to quell the popular movement of Oaxaca, headed by the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO). Arrested people have been sent to maximum security prisons in states hundreds of miles away from their families as stories of torture and severe human rights violations flood indymedia outlets in Mexico. The last surviving voice of the Oaxacan struggle, Radio Universidad,was turned over to university officials on Nov. 30.

Nov. 25 videos: 1 | 2 |

In a midnight ceremony coup, Felipe Calderón took the Mexican presidency on Dec. 1. An ultrarightist, Calderón assumed the presidency promising to deal a hard hand to all Mexican social movements. A few days later, four members of the APPO's leadership were arrested while on their way to negotiations with the federal government. The EZLN, which has just wrapped up its national listening tour, has called for international mobilizations in solidarity with Oaxaca on Dec. 22. en | es

APPO communique on Flavio Sosa's arrest en | es

Oaxaca's arrested, hurt and disappeared

Donations to prisoners being held in Nayarit

Solidarity for Oaxaca

A call for peaceful actions for the political prisoners of Oaxaca en | es

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