There is No Doubt: Bush Spy Program is UnConstitutional

On the Necessity of Impeachment:
U. Chicago Law Professor Geoffrey Stone, Georgetown U. Law Professor David Cole, and U. Massachusetts Law School Dean Lawrence Velvel - agree: “Some legal questions are hard. This one is not. Mr. Bush’s authorizing of the NSA to spy on Americans is blatantly unlawful and unconstitutional.”
But is it an impeachable offense? Mr. Bush has committed an impeachable offense.
Mr. Bush is the first president ever to admit that he committed an impeachable offense.
The opposite opinion - that Mr. Bush’s warrantless domestic wiretapping program is legal, as contended by his lawyers - simply cannot be taken seriously. Indeed, it’s so erroneous that “it’s not even close.”

Bush's own words prove that he is lying. (mp3)

Constitutional Scholar Jonathan Turley - (mp3):
Now I want to be absolutely clear, what the President ordered in this case was a crime. Now we can debate whether he had a good or bad motivation, but it was a crime.

14 Constitutional Scholars agree that Bush broke the law.
Harvard Law Prof. Laurence Tribe concludes

that the NSA spying is “as grave an abuse of executive authority as I can recall ever having studied.”
Court rules wiretapping violated the Constitution- Bush vows to overturn ruling, vows to continue violating the Constitution.
Bush says he's spying on al-Qaeda- but there are numerous reports that he's spying on dissenters- the trademark of a dictator.
In asserting his right to ignore the law, President Bush has slapped Congress right across the face and told them they better like it.

Bush and his advisers do not claim that his actions are legal because they abide by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA; they quite clearly violate that law. Instead, they claim his actions are legal because as commander in chief, he can violate the law if he chooses and still be acting legally.
Are we as a nation going to sit by and passively watch as the United States Constitution is relegated to the status of a vague reference document?
We cannot expect either Republicans or Democrats in Congress to initiate any challenge to the existing order of things. In the history of the nation, serious injustices---slavery, racial segregation, the rights of working people, the condition of women, the war in Vietnam---have only been remedied by powerful social movements that have forced the government to change its policies.
Now we have another such time.
Our very existence as a nation of laws and justice depends on it.
Join Cindy Sheehan and thousands of others in DC beginning Jan 3rd- stay as long as it takes.
Demand Impeachment!