White Plains, NY---With only a few shopping days left to go before Christmas; US Senator Hillary Clinton made an appearance at a Borders book store to sign copies of her book It Takes a Village. Waiting to greet her were members of NoWar Westchester, there to send a message that supporting an unjust war is not forgotten even with an electoral victory here in our state.

On a cold winter evening while shoppers in the Westchester Pavillion went about their business and anxious supporters waited in line at Borders Bookstore to have their book signed by Hillary Clinton; outside there was a different group of people with a different message for the Senator.

These people did not come to shop. They did not come for the latest deals. They did not come to get their books signed. They came as constituents of an elected representative which was voted into office to represent the entire state. As people lined up inside to get their copy of It Takes a Village signed by Hillary Clinton, outside in the cold at least thirty members of NoWar Westchester came out to remind people that supporting the ongoing occupation of Iraq and not shutting down the Guantanamo detention center can no longer be tolerated.

Admist the continuous stream of shoppers on the sidewalk and the peering eyes of the US Secret Service; figures dressed in orange jumpsuits with hoods pulled over their heads distributed literature calling for an end to the Iraq occupation. They called on the shoppers to remember that the Senator has supported the occupation with her votes. They wanted people to continue to urge her to stop supporting the war and to finally take leadership on the issue.

"It takes a village to raise a child," "It takes a bomb to destroy that village and the child" were the chants that were heard during the evening. The protestors also engaged in discussion with shoppers letting them know that a large majorty of Americans no longer supported the occupation of Iraq. They reminded them of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's that have been killed. They wanted to bring the US troops home once and for all.

The goal was to remind our elected officials that the people are watching them and can still hold them accountable. Some of the shoppers argued that it is really the president that is who we should be protesting against. While that is true, one cannot forget those who went along and continue to go along with an unpopular president. They go agaisnt the wishes of th American people as well.