It was religious conservatives evolving into the temperance union at the turn of the twentieth century that helped organised crime achieve the power and influence it has today. The extremely foolish attempt to impose conservative values on a population via restrictive legislation is now an embarrassing parochial history known as the American prohibition.

No sooner has the ink dried on the Volstead Act than the idiot conservatives are ‘at it again’! But this time they are pursuing the millennium, the end of the world! To date they have only succeeded in creating anarchy and mayhem in the Middle East; half a million deaths does not even wet the appetite of these pathological right wing groups. They pursue their nihilistic ideology with the fervour of suicide bombers, Kamikaze pilots, Washington Zionists and Evangelical neo-cons.

It is abundantly clear that prohibiting the use of intoxicants and recreational drugs results in glamourisation and increased desirability, notwithstanding the trillions of (influential) dollars that fill the coffers of criminal organisations. But do the conservatives care? Providing their narrow worldview is pursued they will conveniently disregard the most heinous crimes; theirs is the most hypocritical and myopic worldview imaginable!

‘The only good conservative is a dead conservative’, is it preferable that the world is lost or just those who would destroy all life for a theological fantasy or vague imagining? It is time we reversed destructive conservative principles and replaced them with expansive, enlightened, harmonious, life-endowing principles lest we become another extinct species. Those who pursue death regardless of the camouflage (heaven/utopia/paradise) must either be eliminated or cured, one way or the other!

Were we born to fulfil the psychotic delusions of conservatives? Is not George W. Bush the perfect example of allowing right wing morons access to power, ‘once bitten ..’!

It is the indescribable beauty of life that propels us to rehabilitate all Evangelicals, Wahhabists, and Zionists. We have had nearly ten years of conservative mayhem to satisfy the most hardened sceptic – these people are a menace to any healthy society. They kill without a second thought and pollute with reckless abandon.

Targeting the idiotic restrictions on non-violent expression would sound a warning and send a clear message that we will not be taken for granted (its time!) Remove the idiotic laws that criminalise the use of recreational drugs. Ask the prohibitionists of the 20th century, PROHIBITION DOESN’T WORK; not only is it counter productive it actually accelerates social decline.

We expect the crime bosses to put up a good fight via lobbyists and their conservative (bought) ‘friends’. But we’ll beat them, won’t we? Just another toke on that spliff before we go; perhaps a pill or two dozen or just one last line! We’ve really got ‘em worried this time, haven’t we?

Levity aside, it is plain that conservatism is a disease that must be targeted and cured before it overtakes the entire organism. If legislation is required then that legislation should embody principles that eliminates the poison that is conservatism from society; perhaps then we would all be spared the fanaticism of imbeciles, murderers and the criminally insane.