Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Amidst Pain, Frustration & Anger at Another Police Killing
of Un-Armed Black Youth,
Tens of Thousands Demand Justice for Sean Bell

Listen to Sounds & Sentiments of the
Dec. 16 “Shopping for Justice” March

An Overwhelmingly Black throng of community residents poured into
midtown Manhattan Streets to rebuke the NYPD’s shooting death of
Sean Bell and wounding of Trent Benefield & Joseph Guzman. The
historic pain at the loss of another Black youth at the hands of city police
was palpable and provided a marked contrast to the almost exclusively
white browsers and shoppers of luxury jewels and cloths at Tiffany’s and
Bergdorf Goodman along the line of march. Amidst this tale of two cities
the stark reality of racial and class disparities butted heads. While there
was a decided absence of white activists, reflecting once again the racial
divide, the prevalent sentiment that swept all who attended the march was
the unity of purpose & instance by the Black community that racial killings
at the hands of the police must successfully be prosecuted & the systemic
inequities in policing communities of color must be addressed. We’ll bring
you the protest sounds & sentiments of demonstration participants such as
Abner Louima, Ted Shaw from the NAACP LDEF, the Rev. Calvin Butts,
SEIU 1199 leadership and many others,along with the sounds of justice
that echoed forth from protest participants.
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