Always anchor yourself firmly in reality when ad-men and spin doctors approach – the reality regarding Iraq is excruciatingly obvious, in a word it is a FIASCO; which means, “a ludicrous or humiliating failure, mess, calamity, debacle, failure, disaster, catastrophe, collapse, breakdown, blunder, farce, flop, washout!” Immediately we are confronted with accurate descriptions of the REAL situation in Iraq. Rather than face reality (and resign) the Bush regime defers to familiar ground and employs methods that come natural to liars, thieves and murderers – deception and manipulation!

It is no longer possible to hide the truth of the invasion from the public; the theft of the precious oil resource is the primary concern of American neo-colonial militarism. Any attempts to evade this issue by the administration are met with disbelief and sour scepticism; nevertheless the dissociated regime continues to pursue childish and untenable ‘strategies’ in futile attempts to hide its real intentions. It should now be abundantly clear to even the most inbred banjo-playing redneck that this administration is CLUELESS, it has been lying though its teeth from day one.

As the American public slowly becomes aware of the ugly truth, advisers to Bush have resorted to the marketing and advertising tricks of snake oil salesmen in their efforts to deceive; however, a justifiably disillusioned public is not an easy beast to placate. Bush, Rice, Cheney and other neo-cons are now responding to media questions with unqualified comments such as, “we want to win, don’t we”, “we can win in Iraq”, “if I didn’t think we could win I wouldn’t keep the troops there” etc. A dramatic shift from insisting that everything is under control to justifying continued occupation on the basis that the chaos created by military intervention will somehow be cured by continued military intervention! This lunatic illogic is stating that a petrol fire can be extinguished by dousing the fire with more petrol!

It is obvious that the Bush regime is the most incompetent and criminal in the history of the United States, if not the entire western world – what an utter travesty the murdering Bush administration presents to civilised people everywhere. If this administration possesses any viable solutions then let’s hear them please, kindly detail what is meant by the unqualified expression of “the way forward” and “win” in the incredibly complex political, ethnic and theological context of Iraq.

After three years of American incompetence, the reality on the streets is a hell worse than any Saddam ever inflicted on his people. The death count attributed to the invasion is 665,000 and rising daily at an alarming rate.

It should not be forgotten that the illegal invasion was based on a litany of lies; the existence of WMD, terrorist connections with Bin Laden, development of nuclear weaponry and numerous other fabrications ranging from mobile chemical weapons labs to a 45 minute attack capability on western targets! As we know these claims have ALL proven to be completely false. The REALITY is that those responsible for the deaths of over half a million innocent civilians (as a direct CONSEQUENCE of an illegal invasion) are now criminally liable -- that is the reality of the situation!

Faced with the real, the criminally liable neo-cons now introduce simplistic and irrelevant binary terms such as “win” into the ‘equation’ – however, the Iraqi people will not be moved and the American people are no longer so easily duped or distracted.

In the context of Iraq the term, “win”, only has valid meaning for the people defending themselves against murdering foreign invaders. Criminal invaders can never hope to “win”. If we recall the many statements the Bush regime has made to the world over the years, “mission accomplished “, “broken the back of the resistance”, “bouquets of flowers” for invaders, “known unknown knowns”, etc, it becomes painfully evident that this regime has no plans other than PLUNDER at any cost in human lives. Three years have elapsed during which time we have been lied to on a daily basis, rather than succeeding as we were led to believe, each year has been marked by rapid deterioration, which today is evident to even the most retarded American.

Imposing American values on Middle Eastern cultures is impossible. The Iraq war is not a simple footrace where a blue ribbon is awarded to the ‘winner’ (first over the line). What is “win” in the context of an American occupied Iraq? Could “win” indicate the American oil company that is able to extract oil at a faster rate than its competition or it could be an award given to the soldier who is able to slaughter the largest number of innocent civilians?

America has had three long bloody years to prove itself and to justify its horrendous actions in Iraq. Today Iraq and American integrity, morality and justice burn with equal intensity – the legacy of the Bush regime will amount to fields of ashes – a hell on earth.