In the early morning hours of December 22, 2006, on the outer walls of the New York City Mexican Consulate, we spray-painted slogans supporting the people of Oaxaca. Specifically, we wrote: "Fuera Ruiz", "Viva Oaxaca" and "Avenge Brad Will" and stencilled red hand prints ― the blood on the hands of the Mexican government.

This act of defiance was in answer to the Zapatista call to initiate continual actions of solidarity with Oaxaquen@s.

As long as the Mexican government assists in the torture, murder and disappearance of Oaxacan teachers and their supporters, we will continue to expose their violence and name those responsible: Felipe Calderon, President; Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, Governor of Oaxaca; Carlos Abascal, Interior Minister; Lizbeth Caña, Prosecutor General, and others.

As long as Governor Ruiz remains in power, we will continue to agitate for his removal.

As long as the murderers of Brad Will and of the teachers and their supporters remain free with impunity, we will disrupt the government that ignores justice.

We will not forget that while corporations of the United States, Canada and Europe plunder the natural environment of Mexico, they invest in the murder of Mexicans and that the US government provides or allows the sales of nearly $250,000,000 worth of weapons each year to the Mexican government to kill and control the people.

We honor the courageous resistance of indigenous and local peoples in Oaxaca, across all of Mexico and around the world.

We see what is happening and we are responding.

More will join us every day.