Current Joaquins Silvérios dos Reis
Sergio Ferolla and Paulo Metri

The Journalist Barbosa Lima Sobrinho, symbol of Brazilian nationality, created a singular expression to define patriots and treasonous , much beyond the partisan acronyms and of the groupings without face that are disclosed in the national life.

Patriots are the ones that fight in the party of Tiradentes, being the others, the followers of Joaquin Silvério dos Reis, who was a treasonous one to the "inconfidentes"*, allowing that Tiradentes was imprisoned, hanged and cut in pieces by the Portuguese.

Joaquin treasoned a movement that fought to give better conditions of life to all Brazilians of that time. His shameful act took away the hope of many and delayed our independence.

Petrobra's is producing more oil than the necessity of the country and it is exporting the excess. Due to the information of the proper company, one knows that it “reached in the month of November of 2006 a new record of exportation of national oil: 484 thousand barrels per day”. In another document of the company, we can read: “sales of the excess of national oil, that in 2005 was of 262 thousand barrels per day, will get in 2010 to 522 thousand barrels”.

Before somebody says that Petrobras needs to change, in the exterior, part of the heavy oil that it produces for light oil to satisfy the necessity of our refineries, it must be clarified that the exported volume, in last November, was above of the required one for this necessity.

On the other hand, the foreign companies, that had entered in the sector after the opening of the same in 1997, already had started to export. Today, Shell exports all its production of the fields of Bijupirá and Salema, about 70.000 barrels per day.

It's expected that the world-wide production of oil, before 2010, passes for a peak, while everything indicates that the world-wide demand will continue growing until there, configuring a scene of scarcity, that will cause drastic increase of the price of the barrel.

Brazil has small reserves of oil, if compared with the reserves of the Arab countries, or if verified the number of years of supplying of the country guaranteed for them. Thus, if part of these reserves will be exported, the period of self-sufficiency will diminish.

The current Joaquins Silvérios, the new treasonous ones of the Brazilian society, are those that today force Petrobra's to export oil, sign contracts of concession on behalf of Brazilian people with foreign companies, which will lead, certainly, our oil to foreignr countries.

At last, these treasonous ones are taking our society to live, in the future, a crisis of fuel, when we will not have more enough domestic oil and the barrel, in the world-wide market, it will cost much more than the price of today. The treasonous ones change the cheap barrel of today for the expensive barrel of tomorrow.

These Joaquins Silvérios argue that “the new record provides US$ 740 million for Petrobras, contributing, very much, for Brazilian trade balance”.

They don't mention the short-term future supplying crisis of the country, nor neither that around 40% of the corresponding generated profit will belong to the ones who bought the ADRs of Petrobra's in New York, contributing in a negative way for the Brazilian services balance.

Sad is the people who has Joaquins Silvérios dos Reis as its representatives, instead of Joaquins Josés da Silva Xavier ( Our hero "Tiradentes" ).

Sergio Ferolla is Brigadier General of Brazilian Air Force and member of the National Academy of Engineering. Paulo Metri is council member of the Engineering club. They are the authors of the book “Not all oil is ours”.

* Members of the conspiracy violently restrained in 1789, by portuguese crown, and followed for orders of destruction of all the manufactures of brazilian "Minas Gerais".