Ez-Supply reneges on agreement with the union

Throughout the Fall of 2006 the IWW has been putting pressure on EZ supply to sit and negotiate. Finally the boss came to his sense and negotiated an agreement. The agreement included recognition of the union, wage increases, a grievance procedure, paid time off and more.

On December 26th on the heels of workers at 2 more shops announcing their membership in the IWW and demanding their rights the boss at EZ-supply reneged his agreement. The previous lawyer who did the negotiations no longer works for EZ-supply and a new lawyer showed up. Workers returned to work knowing that the boss was once again showing his unwillingness to obey the law and respect the rights of workers. We all see a vicious fight in front of us.

We believe that greater forces are stepping in. Employers are organizing to try and crush the union drive and show that they will not tolerate workers standing up and demanding justice. On Tuesday January 2nd we will be out at Amersino picketing at 5am demanding justice and an end to the illegal anti-union activities of the bosses. Amersino is located on Gardner between Metropolitan & Meadow in Green point. You can take the L train to Grand St. and walk east on Grand over the bridge and right on Gardner

Workers are up against a lot and in the next few weeks we fear that the bosses are going to attack and workers will once again be going on strike. One of the best ways to support these courageous workers is though financial support, we are collecting donations for a strike fund. Checks can be made out to NYC IWW and sent to PO Box 7430, JAF Station, NY 10116 or you can donate through your delegate.

For more info or to get involved email the NYC IWW - IWW.NYC (at) gmail.com