America (via Rumsfeld) supplied weapons of mass destruction to a known tyrant and mass murderer and not surprisingly they were utilised for exactly the purpose for which they were designed – these weapons all carried the proudly “made in the USA” label. In any real court of law America would be accessory to the murders, so ‘hang him, hang him quick” – it would be such an inconvenience appearing in a puppet courtroom in the Hague or Iraq!

Conspicuous by its absence in the mainstream American ‘news’ is coverage of the court martial of Lt. Eren Watada – Watada is the first officer to refuse assignment to Iraq on the basis that the war is illegal. Coverage of the ‘impending arrests’ of the internationally exposed war criminals, Bush, Blair and Howard, whose murder record now exceeds that of Saddam, is also conspicuously absent from American and Australian news desks – but we like our ‘news’ easy and palatable like the marmalade on our breakfast toast. Indeed we do, when justice fails it signals the decay of the public conscience and that signals the imminent collapse of social order.

But ‘fortunately’ for all of us we live in a comic book fantasy, if any of this were even remotely real it would spell a world run by criminals and murderers! This is Clark Kent reporting from Baghdad.

Enjoy your breakfast while you can; one day soon you will choke on it!