A new book is available on Christian objection to war and military service, titled, Militarist Christendom and the Gospel of the Prince of Peace. This book is written for disciples and students of the Bible: a history of Christian pacifism and Christian militarism from Plato to the present. Even if the person reading this book is not a Christian, it will provide an insight into Jesus' gospel of non-violence and reconciliation. This book will also unveil how his message of peaceful coexistance and toleration was transformed into a message of militarism, and how the Apostolic community was transformed into an ecclesiastical political institution. Evidence is also be provided to testify that the only proper manner for a Christian to conduct himself in the matter of war and military service is to refuse. The attitude of Christian denominations during the several wars of the past 3 centuries, and especially at the present, is investigated, along with the US government's intervention into Christian denominations, and the capitulation of priets and pastors to the dictates of the secular state.
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