$16 million price tag = 32 trees to be chopped down

Tell her that you want her to stop funding immediately for chainsawing the trees in Washington Square Park and that you are a Green Party member (or whatever group you are from). If you are from outside of New York City, your call can be especially helpful. Tell her that you won't visit NYC if they're going to tear down the trees and privatize the public parks:

(212) 564-7757 and (212) 788-7210

212-788-7722 and 212-788-7259

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Press Conference, Rally and Vigil to Protest Bulldozing of Washington Square Park

Thursday, December 20th, 4 p.m., at the Park by the Arch

New York, NY - New York City officials have announced that the City will chop down at least 32 beautiful old trees when it bulldozes world famous Washington Square Park in the coming weeks at the behest of New York University and other private interests.

"The trees are home to squirrels, birds and other local wildlife, and are a significant part of the Park's ecosystem," said Cathryn Swan, an environmental and wildlife protection activist. "Yet City officials are bent on tearing them down."

Park lovers are singling out City Council Chair Christine Quinn and Council member Alan Gerson for flip-flopping on this issue. "They have the power to stop this massacre of some of the City's most beautiful trees," said Mitchel Cohen, a member of the Brooklyn Greens / Green Party and coordinator of the No Spray Coalition. "So why won't Quinn do so? Because NYU is a giant billion-dollar corporation that's pulling the strings in order to gain further control over the Park."

Cohen points out that the City is also planning to bulldoze the chess tables and move the famed fountain.

The tree massacre is just one component of New York City's Parks Department plan for a staggering "overhaul" of Washington Square Park at a cost of $16 million, which includes: reducing the public space; dismantling and relocating the landmarked fountain so that it is "aligned" with the Arch; removing the chess tables; and replacing and relocating the popular dog run. These changes will destroy the historical character and functionality of Washington Square Park.

In an example of what Cathryn Swan calls "greenwashing," the Parks Department states that it is making these drastic changes to add "more green space." "What happened to Mayor Bloomberg's infamous million trees for NYC initiative?," Swan questioned. "We should be saving our existing trees and wildlife that inhabit the Park to the delight of all New Yorkers, not destroying them."

New York City's Parks Department refused to conduct a much needed Environmental Impact Statement. The courts, thus far, have allowed them to get away with a much less stringent "Assessment" letter which focused solely on (the lack of) rare and endangered species, and ignored any impact on the numerous birds, squirrels and insects that comprise Washington Square Park's ecosystem.

Community and environmental groups call on New Yorkers to protest the massacre of these trees. "It's the best present you can give this holiday season," Cohen says. "Save the trees, save our Park. Dress warmly, and hug a tree for Christmas."

We're asking you to call Christine Quinn's office and ask that she block the chopping down of trees in Washington Square Park. Her office numbers are

(212) 564-7757 and (212) 788-7210

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224 West 30th St (Suite 1206)
New York, NY 10001

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