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New York, NY, November 2, 2011: -- A successful, peaceful civil disobedience action which included many from the Brooklyn community of Brownsville joining activists from the Stop Mass Incarceration Network occurred on Tuesday, November 1. Twenty-eight people were arrested in front of the 73rd Precinct and taken to the 77th Precinct for processing. Carl Dix was the last person released in a prolonged, punitive processing at approximately 2:50 AM. Three people remained in custody overnight and should have been arraigned Friday evening. Out of the 28 people arrested, 1/3 of them had been arrested at a similar action on October 21, demanding an end to the stop and frisk policy.

Among the many arrested included: Rev. Luis Barrios, professor at John Jay College for Criminal Justice; Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party; Randy Credico, social comedian/activist and former director of the William Kuntsler Fund for Racial Justice; Margaret Ratner Kuntsler, widow of the late William Moses Kuntsler; and Gbenga Akinnagbe, the actor who portrayed Chris Partlow on the TV show "The Wire."

Those arrested, and also the organizers of this event, are available for interviews.

Coverage of the protest were found at the Washington Post; Channel 12 News; and Democracy Now!

Under its controversial ‘stop and frisk’ program, the NYPD detains 2,000 people every day. Communities throughout New York City are standing up through non-violent civil disobedience to demand accountability for abusive practices targeting groups the police assume to be politically powerless.

The growing public attention around the controversial policy comes at a time of tremendous turmoil within the NYPD. In addition to contention in the upper ranks of the police force around ‘stop and frisk,’ a raft of scandals has wracked the department with allegations ranging from planting drug evidence on innocent residents, to ticket fixing, gun-running and general lawlessness.

Violent attacks on protesters at Occupy Wall Street have brought the illegal practices of the NYPD further into the national spotlight, drawing attention to long-standing and under-reported systemic oppression here in New York.

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