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December 20, 2011


Jury To Get Case for Newark Cop Beating Teen on Videotape

On Wednesday, December 21st, the trial for suspended Newark detective Angel Pared will go to the jury for deliberation. Pared is facing charges in connection with his videotaped assault on Newark teen Travis Rattray.

Testimony will end Wednesday morning with the cross-examination of the prosecution’s last expert witness.

The jury will then here the final summation arguments of both the prosecution and the defense.

The jury conceivably will have the case by noon tomorrow.

The proceedings are taking place at the new Essex County Courthouse, 50 West Market Street in Newark. The presiding judge is Ronald Wigler in Courtroom 1112 on the 9th floor.

“This case began with the police packing the courtroom when Travis was on the stand and included some even making threatening gestures towards him,” Zayid Muhammad, of the New Black Panther Party who organized community protest over the incident and over a later incident in October 2010 when Rattray’s mother, Erika Lesa Hankerson, was also assaulted and wrongfully arrested by the police.

“It forced Travis and his mother to relive that ordeal all over again.

“Even though our numbers were not what we wanted, as community supporters began to come, it was an enormous comfort to this young man and his family to know that he was not alone in this trying ordeal.”

Details about the trial will be forthcoming…