From: Carl Dix
Subject: Monday, Nov 5th-No Jail Time for Carl Dix and the Stop & Frisk Freedom Fighters
Date: Saturday, November 3, 2012, 9:49 PM


NY is still recovering from the devastation and disruption brought on by Hurricane Sandy, and the presidential elections are all over the news. In the midst of all this, the powers that be are dead set on getting their attempt to send 4 Stop & Frisk Freedom Fighters to jail for protesting their racist, unjust policy. My 3 co-defendants and I will be in court on Monday, Nov 5th, when our trial will be continuing. And you need to join us is doing everything necessary to beat back this legal attack.

Let's be clear--what's on trial here is people's right and ability to stand up and say NO MORE to Stop and Frisk and other ways the system abuses us. If they get away with jailing us in this case, they will be delivering a message that anyone who resists what they bring down on people will pay a heavy price. On the other hand, if we build the support necessary to win this case, a different message will be sent--that if you stand up and fight back against injustice, others will stand with you, and we can win.

On Monday, the prosecution will continue putting on its case and show a video of the protest from Nov 19, 2011, when we were arrested. This video will be telling because it will show us protesting for 7 minutes, a protest for which we now face a year in jail! By tuesday, we will put on our defense. The judge and the prosecutors will say again and again, 'This case isn't about Stop & Frisk.' What else could it be about? That's what we were chanting about as we protested, and signs about stopping Stop & Frisk were what we carried as we protested.

Here's how you can join in to stop them from sending us to jail for protesting Stop & Frisk:

1) On Tuesday, Nov 6th, we will deliver resolutions calling for dropping the charges on the Stop & Frisk Freedom Fighters to the DA's office in Queens. These resolutions have been signed by 100's of people. Join us to deliver these resolutions, and if you haven't signed the resolution yet, add your name.

2) Come out to the courthouse on Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 AM to show your support for the Stop & Frisk Freedom Fighters. And whether you can make it out to the courthouse or not, spread the word on this case.

3) Come to a rally at Union Square on Tuesday, Nov 6th, at 5 PM demanding No Jail Time for the Stop & Frisk Freedom Fighters.

4) Keep your eyes open for the new date for the Evening to Support of the Stop & Frisk Freedom Fighters and Raise the Roof on Their Legal Expenses.

Carl Dix

"There is nothing more unrealistic than the idea of reforming this system into something that would come anywhere near being in the interests of the great majority of people and ultimately of humanity as a whole." Bob Avakian--from BAsics.

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